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Why do people charged with traffic tickets and crimes, getting divorces and those involved in accidents need lawyers? The primary reason is people need information regarding what choices are available to them.  In order to make these choices, people need to know what they are and are not entitled to under the law.  People need to be aware that they may have obligations and duties to others involved in their legal problems.


  • Having an attorney can help you obtain a lower bond, better conditions of your release or no bond at all.
  • It is important to understand that giving a police officer a statement regarding a criminal case or giving an insurance company a statement about how an accident happened can affect your case.  A statement sets your testimony in stone.  An attorney will ensure that you properly consider each question before answering and not assume information not directly known.  
  • When involved in a family law matter, you must know how the law applies to your circumstances  and what your expectations should be in the dissolution of the marital relationship.  Signing an agreement, of any kind, without this information places you at a significant disadvantage that may be extremely costly financially and personally. 
  • Planning for your financial, personal and medical care when you are unable to handle those matters is one of the most important legal matters you must consider and arrange with an attorney.  Just as important  is planning your Estate so that those you wish to benefit receive that benefit and you maximize the assets that will ultimately be received by your loved ones.
  • Attorneys are critical in the initiation and defense of lawsuits.  An attorney is necessary to enter evidence and do it in compliance with the rules of the respective courts.  An attorney maintains focus on the client’s goal, whether that goal is money, children, family or getting out of jail.

Unfortunately, most people do not go to see lawyers to get information before they make important decisions.  The examples above are but a few of these situations in which a lawyer’s advice and knowledge can make a difference. If we can help you by providing legal advice or representation, please call us for an appointment where we will discuss your problem, the facts involved and your legal choices.

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