"It was one of the lowest points of my life but Mr. Simmons put me at ease right away. After speaking w/ him about my situation I felt more confident, knowing I had someone with great knowledge of the law on my side. Always willing to explain everything in detail, answering any questions I had, simplifying terms so I would be sure to understand and always following up with me in a timely manner. It was such a relief to have the support and experience of Butler & Simmons. They went above and beyond to help. I would recommend Butler and Simmons to anyone needing a lawyer. If for some reason they can't help they will recommend you to someone who can. Thank you Butler and Simmons!" - D. Anderson

"Mr. Simmons was the best! Extremely knowledgeable, has decades of experience, and always available when I called with questions or concerns. Wouldn't recommend anyone else!" - M. Castro

"I was very pleased with Mr. Bill Simmons and his work with my legal trouble. He did an excellent job walking me through the paces and educating me on what exactly was happening in my case. He didn't charge me a crazy amount for his help and I was actually able to walk away with the best possible scenario under the circumstances. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal assistance and or advice." - C. Ross

"I know very few individuals who can provide the legal counsel with as much insight, experience, and context as Mr. Simmons. Mr. Simmons is detailed, thorough, and personable. His integrity and personality makes him the best bet if you need legal representation. He helped my husband with a serious traffic case by not only explaining all the possible details but also making the process stress free for the family. Mr. Simmons we are truly grateful for all your help, your legal representation is absolutely outstanding." - I. Yerenburg

"Bill Simmons is a great professional lawyer for any need. I was referred to Bill by my family lawyer for a DUI charge and Bill made sure we we're well prepared to enter the courtroom. Always checks in and always keeps you in the loop. 5 star guy!" - B. Brennan

"Mr. Simmons is a great traffic and criminal attorney. I would highly recommend the firm!" - J. Steglich

"Let it be known that I had never hired a lawyer before and this was a first for me. With a less than impressive driving record, I was at risk of losing my drivers license for 60 days and a fine of $500. After contacting and consulting with Mr. Simmons, he assured me that my particular situation could surely be taken care of. One trial date later, my fine was reduced significantly and without a loss of license. Will was straight and honest the throughout the entire process. I do not plan to be in this sort of situation again, but if I happen to be in another sticky situation, Butler and Simmons will surely be my first contact. Pleasure doing business." - C. Vasques

"I highly recommend Mr. Bill Simmons! He is very assertive with taking care of you and also has a great personality. I felt at peace when I knew he was taking care of our case...and he did. He also provided alot of advice that will help me in the future. I'm so glad we was able to work together." - S. Price

"Mr. Simmons provided excellent representation in my DWI case. He accurately set my expectations and instructed me in how to prepare before the court date, appearing before the judge, and how to deal with the outcome. Thanks to all this we were able to achieve a success and my case was resolved to my satisfaction. In addition Mr. Simmons charged a fair rate for his work. I recommend Mr. Simmons and the firm of Butler & Simmons, P.A." - S. Baboyian

"I was referred to Mr. Simmons by and associate and it couldn't have been a better recommendation. This man knows his stuff. The first time i talked with him i knew i had made a good decision reaching out to him. He did a great job of laying out exactly what to expect in my case and what i should do to make sure everything went smoothly. With his guidance my court case went well and we reached, in my mind, the best possible outcome I could've asked for. Highly recommend!" - B. Christopher

"Ms. Butler is an excellent attorney. She was referred to me by my brother who worked for her many years ago. He described her as tough and strong. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law, tenacity, attention to detail and communication style helped me through a very tough time. She is someone you can completely trust. I can't say enough about this team if incredibly dedicated professionals. My family and I are proud to call Butler & Simmons our family attorneys and recommend them with utmost respect and appreciation."  - L. Chao

"Theresa Butler previously assisted my mother with preparing her will and she recently represented both of us in a guardianship issue. We learned so much from her and she made sure that we ended up with a positive outcome. She is extremely intelligent, knows all aspects of estate planning, administration, and elder law, is an expert with the court system, and took on our case with a strong commitment and determination. She was easily accessible and was always prepared. Theresa really cares about the people involved for all the right reasons and provided outstanding legal representation at a time of need."  - S. Reider

"Bill Simmons helped me out with my court problems and gettinge through it all with positive action's and I thank you for helping me. "  - J. Waxman Jr.

"Thank you Lord for Mrs Theresa Butler. I was referred to Mrs Butler by a friend that went through a divorce and Mrs Theresa Butler was his wife's lawyer. He told me that this Lady is a tiger and his worst nightmare. Since my divorce was extremely complicated due that my ex husband was unwilling to be fair so I decide to reach out to Mrs Butler for assistance. If you looking for someone who will fight for you and is willing to actually listen to your worries and needs in this difficult time please call her.  Mrs. Butler took my case as if it were her own and never left my side, even on weekends or holidays, she was always available. She is an amazing attorney. Mrs Butler thank you for your compassion, I felt that you actually cared for me as a person and not a client. I will always be grateful to you. "  - R. Rameau

"William Simmons, has helped me with a minor criminal charge back in 2009. I have managed to stay out of trouble since then but when a traffic citation comes my way I don't hesitate to give him a call. I have referred him to family and friends, he's a good attorney. He'll tell you up front what he can do for you. Overall, he'll calm you're nerves and make it a smooth ride thru the court systems. "  - E. Castro

"I'm very grateful for your services. You have done a great job with my case. "  - I. Hernandez "Mr Simmons was referred to me by a friend with legal issues similar to mine. Mr Simmons explained my situation to me clearly, broke down my options, advised me of the best legal course and then represented me in court. Because of his knowledge and experience, I got the very best outcome possible. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer. "  - M. Lubin

"Great lawyer. Knows his business and will help you to his best knowledge. I know I will call him again. "  - Ronald B.

"Ms Butler is the best and only lawyer you will ever need she did the adoption of my son , she did my living will . She is detailed in every way she will make sure every aspect is addressed ! and I TRUELY BELIEVE THIS !!! OR I WOULDN'T SAY IT!!!!! "  - W. Creighton

"I have used Mr. Simmons at least 4 times, each time he has always gotten me exactly what he says he wants out of each case. He has even became a friend, i first found him from my aunt so a family member friend, he has always worked with me for how much he charges me, which has always been a fair price, has even gone as far as accepting payment plans. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer. Thank You "  -M. Williams

"I'm a repeat client for Mr. Simmons. When it comes to accident injuries this is the lawyer you want to see. "  - S. Argilan

"Mr Simmons was referred to me by a friend who was familiar with his abilities. Mr Simmons listened to my situation and gave me sound advice through the course of our relationship. He represented me very well in court and I am very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him to both friends and acquaintances. "  - L. King

"I was worried about how to get a good Attorney for my teenage son who was having problem with the law. Meeting Mr. Simmons was like an answer to prayer. The first day we met him, he calmed my fear through his good people-person personality, explaining the law to my husband and I as if he had known us for many years. He helped us beyond expectation and today our son is out of law’s hand. We appreciate his work and would always recommend Mr. Simmons to friends and families. Thank you so much and God blessings on your work. "  - M. Harris

"I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bill Simmons about five months ago. After a series of unfortunate events I found myself in jail for the first time facing three felony charges. I was terrified to say the least. Mr. Simmons was very welcoming and above all else honest about the severity of my situation. Our in person and telephone meetings always left me optimistic. The possibility of me leaving my family for an extended period of time was very real. Mr. Simmons not only worked tirelessly on my case, but was a friend when the loneliness crept in as it often did. I am now proud to say that with the incredible work of Mr. Simmons I was found not guilty on all three of the charges I faced. I am now free to enjoy my life and family. I could only hope to one day make such an impact in the lives of others like Mr. Simmons has done in mine. "  - M. Goings

"Mr Simmons was referred to me by a friend with legal issues similar to mine. Mr Simmons explained my situation to me clearly, broke down my options, advised me of the best legal course and then represented me in court. Because of his knowledge and experience, I got the very best outcome possible. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer. "  - Name Withheld

"I was referred to Butler & Simmons through a friend who has used him since he was eighteen. Mr. Simmons recently defended me on a DUI/DWI along with other serious traffic offenses that came with them and could have landed me in jail. His experience and knowledge of the legal system helped get the charges against me reduced significantly to a fine and a lesser charge that carries no jail time. He is very knowledgeable and can help you in as well as out of the courtroom, plus his prices are reasonable and fair. Bottom line, Mr. Simmons is a great attorney who works for a great law firm, he has helped me out tremendously and for that I am grateful. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation for any legal matters. "  - Staton Thomas

"Mr. Simmons is my personal lawyer. His knowledge, experience, and confidences in the court room ,I was facing multiple Felonies. I trusted him and he came through for me big time so I would most definitely recommend him to friends and family and will continue to do so. God bless him. "  - N. Gillespie

"Mr. Simmons is a great attorney who knew what he was talking about. I had no worries going into court because I knew that Mr. Simmons would handle it correctly, which he did. Talking to Mr. Simmons made me feel a lot better about me being an alleged criminal because he is very knowledgeable and trustworthy which he shows in court and when he talks to you. I want to thank Mr. Simmons for his services and I highly recommend everyone choosing him as an attorney if you need one. "  - E. Moreno

"Having represented me on two diffident Occasions, I consider Mr. Simmons to be my personal lawyer. It is his knowledge, experience, and confidences in the court room that keeps me at easy in the face of some serious charges. My last case, i was facing multiple Felonies And Mr. Simmons was able to get all the charges dropped. I trust him and have recommenced him to friends and family and will continue to do so. "  - S. Gordon

"I was referred to Mr. Simmons by a trusted legal counsel. He is well recognized and respected in the federal, state and local judicial communities. Mr. Simmons is exemplar in his grassroots approach to consultation, investigation and pre/post trial support services. His has a proven track record and top notch reputation. "  - Mr. Boston

"I was falsely accused of a serious traffic offense this year and was in need of an attorney. Mr. Simmons represented me in this case and was able to have the charges against me dropped. He was professional and competent, he kept me informed and instructed me as to what to do next and he was available for any and all questions I had throughout the case. I would and will recommend him highly to anyone in the future in need of legal representation. "  - K. Dillon

"Mr. Simmons provided incredible service. He was very much needed with my case. I was very satisfied and would recommend him to anyone I know for any case. And for that I thank him so much! "  - Mr. Batchilly

"I would recommend Mr. Simmons to anyone. I had searched for hours on the internet for an attorney. I am not a Maryland resident so I had to find someone in there that could represent me. And I was so glad to find him and he was willing to review my case. We went to court and with his experience and knowledge of the court system there, within minutes he had talked to the officer and had part of my charges dismissed and by the time we went in front of the judge he had me paying court cost and fines. I was so overwhelmed with the charges against me that I was sure I would not leave Maryland with out something against me. Again he was professional and so amazing that I was grateful for all he had done for me and my family. Thank you so much Mr. Simmons, I hope you continue to help everyone you can because you are truly are a good honest attorney. "  - D. Garner

"Mr. Simmons has helped my family and I through numerous cases for years. He is always professional, courteous, and is very knowledgeable. He has saved me from so much trouble legally through his diligence and work ethic. He is definitely reliable. Unlike most attorneys, he actually cares about your well being and gives great advice you can you use for yourself, as well as all through out life. His rates are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend him to everyone that needs legal help!! "  - S. Tesfaye

"When I first got pulled over while under the influence, I was terrified and unsure what to do. Having no knowledge of the scenario I was in, I could only assume the worst. Luckily, my friend introduced Mr. Simmons because he was able to answer all my questions and help relieve me of my fears. He was able to meet up with me promptly after i contacted him and provided counsel for an affordable price. His great sense of humor and 32 years of experience definitely helped calm me down. He guided me through all the things I had to do in order to get my life back on track and without a doubt succeeded without breaking a sweat. Bill Simmons really knows what he's doing and the best lawyer I could have asked for. "  - T. Chen

"My experience with Mr. Simmons was exceptionally great. He was very professional and prompt. With his representation my family was able to over come obstacles in our life that I know we wouldn't have accomplished alone. Thank you so much for what you have done for us. "  -M. Barnett

"Mr. Simmons took my case with wonderful care. His legal advice is one of the best you can get. I was at a time of my life were things werent the best, but Mr. Simmons was still helpful and he worked around my problems and was able to take care of my case and made the impossible possible. Thank you so much Mr.Simmons "  - A. Bereket

"Bill Simmons took my grandmother's auto accident case and was very patient, professional, honest, and experienced. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney. Having an experienced attorney by your side is very comforting. My grandmother and I are very satisfied. Thank you attorney Simmons. "  - T. Oliver

"Mr. Simmons took my case during a very critical and difficult moment of my life, when I found myself fired by my previous attorney after finding out that he had made a decision without my consent. I am very thankful and satisfied with Mr. Simmons’ professionalism. I highly recommend Mr. Simmons as an honest, responsible and efficient attorney. He took my case seriously in every aspect of it. I was unfairly charged with two misdemeanors and one felony, and Mr. Simmons was able to resolve my case to my best interest. His firm’s legal advice is the best. Thank you Mr. Simmons!! "  - F Villalobos

"Bill Simmons is awesome. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation in a criminal matter. He's caring, funny, professional, and an all around GREAT PERSON. He even stayed after court to help me review and sign all of the necessary documents. AND THE BEST PART IS, I WENT HOME AFTER COURT WITH JUST A FEW MONTHS PROBATION. Thanks Mr Simmons "  - A Broidy

"I was recommend to Bill Simmons from a couple of friends, all I ever heard was great news from this guy, and if i need the best person for the job it was him. After contacting Mr. Simmons I quickly realized he was the man for the job, he smart, funny, and really cares for his clients. He worked with me and my payment process because he understood my financial issue. I highly recommend Bill Simmons to everyone. "  - R Gaither

"Mr. Simmons represented me in a towing dispute case in December 2013, and I would like to share, that the professionalism shown by Mr. Simmons helped me to better prepare for my case which we did win, thank Mr. Simmons for all that you did in helping me get through a trying time in dealing with this case. I will certainly call upon your services in any future legal disputes, and I will also be recommending your firm to others. Thanks again. "  - L Davis

"Mr. Simmons is a great attorney. I will be recommending his business to anyone in need of an attorney. "  - B Dunston

"Bill Simmons is a genuine and caring person. He is a strong advisor and presents a realistic point of view. He is great with people and easy to talk to. He is experienced and encouraging. "  - K Murray

"After giving up looking for lawyer due to high legal costs, Mr. Bill Simmons came to aid not only offered me a fee that I could afford, he provided me with an effective legal matter in a traffic case that ended with favorable outcome for me. Because of Mr. Simmons I avoided serious panlties and fines. I will highly recommed him to everybody. "  - T Nimely

"I highly recommend Bill Simmons, he's awesome, he's smart, he's a great guy, he has a great sense of humor and made my process painless and easy. He was very helpful and very knowledgeable about my situation, if you have any questions just give him a call and he'll answer it immediately. Overall great service and I highly recommend this firm if you are in need of an attorney. "  - J. Mendoza

"Mr. Simmons recently represented me in a DUI case that could have resulted in very high fines, possible jail time, revocation of my license, etc. He advised me in what to do to have the best possible scenario going into court, and because of him I had a very favorable outcome which did included a very low fine and no actual jail time. Throughout the whole thing, any questions that I had I could come to him with and he was always available or got right back to me. I would highly recommend Mr. Simmons to anyone needing representation. "  - J. Simmers

"I found Mr. Simmons to be very helpful in my criminal case. He has many years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable about criminal law. He takes the time to be available to all of his clients when they need him. I would absolutely recommend him to any person in need of a lawyer. "  - M. F. K.

"Mr. Simmons is a dedicated and tenacious professional. He took time out to prepare me for my case on a thorough basis day in and day out. He knows his work and is very well experienced. He help to reduce my bills to a significant amount after winning my case(which put more income in my pocket). He's a really great guy and I would recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Mr. Simmons! "  - Mrs. Williams

"Mr. Simmons recently represented me in a traffic matter which resulted in a favorable outcome. He was always available when needed and, thorough in explaining all possible outcomes. His confidence in the courtroom showed for the both of us. I would highly recommend Butler & Simmons for anyone searching legal advice or representation. "  - E. Mullett

"I have known Bill Simmons for 25 years both professionally and personally. He is a great friend and an excellent attorney. His passion is criminal and civil law. He is devoted to his clients and each case he handles is handled as if it is his only case. He is bright, loyal, honest and hardworking. I would highly recommend Bill to represent you. "  - B. J. Goletz

"Hands down this is a all around awesome guy. Since I've been working with Mr. Simmons he's been helping me get myself back on the right road. When it comes to cases he knows how to get what he wants out of the situations. He is very well educated at any aspect of your problem and he knows the loop holes that no one else would. Two thumbs up and if I had another pair of thumbs those would be up as well. Thank you Mr. Simmons. "  - W. Decaul

"After looking for a while and talking to several attorneys, I recently acquired the services of attorney Simmons to represent me at court for a substantial speeding citation. Attorney Simmons was very helpful in the first place and guided me in advance to prepare for the hearing with practical and useful advice. He explained to me all possible outcomes. We discussed our strategy and went to court prepared. Thanks to his advice and representation, the judge dismissed the case! I would strongly recommend the services of attorney Simmons. His years of experience would definitely make a difference compared to other attorneys. He definitely instills a sense of confidence in you! "  - S. Ivanov

"Mr. Simmons was referred to me by another lawyer who told me that he is the only person qualified and experienced enough to handle my case. Throughout the trial he took time to calm me down and help me to stay positive. He kept me totally informed about his plan and the status of each step as they progressed. My main concern was going to jail because in my case there was a good chance I would have to serve time. When I found out that he was going to be able to keep me out of jail and get all eight of the felony charges dropped to one misdemeanor I couldn't have been more impressed with his abilities. Furthermore, he spoke to the judge about removing everything from my record in four years time. I was worried about losing everything I had and going to jail for a long time. When you hear the judge say that you are free to go, it's an awesome feeling. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Simmons! "  - A. Wallace

"My husband and I have been extremely happy with Theresa Butler. We needed to have a Last Will and Testament and Health Care Directive drawn up for each of us and Ms. Butler did more than just plug our names and assets into a template. She took the time to explain everything to us and helped us make sure we made the right decisions. We have recommended Butler and Simmons to friends and family and everyone has been very happy with them. "  - N. Helton

"Mr. Simmons is worth his weight in gold. He represented me in a case that could have sent me to jail and placed a felony on my record. Throughout the process he made me perfectly aware of what my options were and was very clear of the possibilities. As a result of his representation, I not only avoided incarceration but I was able to expunge my record after probation. If you need a lawyer, call Butler and Simmons. I'm glad I did. "  - C. Brace

"I would highly recommend Mr. Simmons as an attorney for any and all legal services. Our experience with Mr. Simmons was professional with an outstanding outcome, but most important he listened and explained the legal process to us along the way so there were no surprises. The fact that he was so accessible is a great quality. When the stress of the unknown faces people with no legal background, it is very important to be able to reach your attorney with both questions and immediate advice. Mr. Simmons always returned phone calls promptly and had the answers. He knows his way around the courtroom and it doesn't hurt that he has an affable personality. Our situation is a personal matter, but our praise for his services is offered with gratitude for a job well done. "  -no name given

"My fiance and his family have been using Mr. Simmons for quite some time now--although this was my first dealings with him. Mr. Simmons is very thorough in his knowledge of law and is able to communicate it in layman's terms without needing the cue of a blank stare. In short, he uses a lot of analogies that help you understand what is going on and what could possibly happen. This man will prepare you for the worse case scenario and coach you through what is most likely to happen. The person in question could've been sentenced to jail time and only received probation (which because of following Mr. Simmons's advice, will probably be taken to unsupervised after less than a year on a 3 year probation sentence). My only complaint is that he can talk a little fast so listen carefully and attentively. I have been in the presence of many lawyers (thanks to my parents' divorce case amongst others regarding my mother) and none come even close to the experience with Mr. Simmons. He is a good guy and is worth every penny. "  -B. Germack

"I was very fortunate to have been able to obtain the services of Butler & Simmons Attorneys at Law for a criminal case. Without the counsel of William A. Simmons, Esq., I am absolutely certain that my case would have taken a turn for the worse. He was able to arrange for a probation before judgment to avoid a conviction and even helped me to obtain an early expungement. He was willing to listen, patient in explaining the possible outcomes, and really cares about the service that he is giving and the people that he is giving this service to. I have met attorneys in the past, but I have never met another one as great as him. My mother has even brought an accident-related case to him after having such a successful outcome with my case. Please call Butler & Simmons, if you need help. You will be glad that you did it. I AM! "  - M. Tadd

"Mr. Simmons helped me after an accident I had in 2009. I was left with hefty medical bills and chronic pain/migraines. He called me frequently to make sure I was well-informed each step of the way as we fought for compensation. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and I don't think I would have been so lucky with just any attorney. I'm very glad that someone referred me to Mr. Simmons. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great counselor. "  - T. Kraus

"I am very satisfied with the service Mr. Simmons provided. Having no former experience with law myself, Mr. Simmons was very considerate, gracious, and helpful in explaining in detail the processes I would be going through and how to directly handle them. With his advice and representation I was able to avoid incarceration, points, and a criminal record--I got the best result possible for my situation. I would highly recommend Mr. Simmons to anybody in need of counsel. He knows what he's doing. "  - T. Vernes

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