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A poor driving record can affect your life. Think of how complicated your life could be with out a valid drivers license. Whether representing you as an aggressive driver or as an intoxicated driver, William A. Simmons brings 30 years of experience in successfully defending such matters in the local trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Mr. Simmons has the experience to evaluate your driving record and the affect that adding more points to your record could have on your ability to drive.

Many traffic tickets have consequences limited to the payment of a fine, court costs and points on your driving record. Serious traffic tickets, such as driving under the influence, driving while impaired, driving while suspended, and driving without a license, can have more severe consequences that affect your life. You could lose your job if your license is suspended or revoked and you are unable to drive the company car or truck. Certain types of employment require you to have a valid commercial license as well as an ordinary drivers license.

Please consider the following possible consequences:

  • Your punishment could include: a period of jail: a period of probation, with conditions that mandate sobriety; completion of a designated addiction program; and suspended jail time.

  • Points per ticket are assessed against your driving record, which can result in restrictions on when or for what purposes you are permitted to drive, and may even lead to a suspension of or a revocation of your driving privileges. Sometimes, a judge can order ignition interlock on your vehicle.

  • Your insurance rates increase when you add points to your records. Thus, insurance is more difficult to obtain and afford.

  • Our attorneys can defend you in court or at MVA hearings.

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