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Theresa M. Butler and William A. Simmons have been serving Maryland and Washington, D.C. in criminal, juvenile, traffic, auto accidents, wills, estates and divorce matters for over 30 years.

Criminal defense attorney, William A. Simmons, brings 30 years of criminal law experience in successfully defending such matters in the local trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Whether representing you as a first-time offender for drugs or robbery or other serious crime, Mr. Simmons has the experience and knowledge to represent you at a bond hearing or sentencing.

Often persons arrested for crimes such as battery, drugs, theft, burglary, robbery, arson and sex offenses are confronted by a police officer with an arrest warrant or receive instructions to contact a police officer.  Prior to responding to such communications, an experienced criminal attorney should be contacted who can help you make the necessary decisions and preparations to make bond or obtain pretrial release.    Our attorneys can advise you regarding the nuances of bonds and bond hearings and can assist in expediting the arrest process.  You should remember that the initial decision of a Commissioner regarding terms of release and bond can be confirmed, contradicted or modified by a judge at a bond hearing.  Our attorneys strive to coordinate the pretrial process to minimize your time in jail and the cost of pretrial release.

Please consider:

  • Pretrial Release is critical to anyone charged with a crime. Pretrial Release means you will be out of jail until the trial date. Our attorneys can help you at the initial bond hearing or subsequent hearing to convince a judge to consider setting your bond without money up front or a bond with terms more favorable to you.

  • The allegations of the police officers, witnesses and victims can influence your decision to pay the bond as determined by the commissioner versus attending a bond hearing in front of a judge who could impose harsher terms and conditions.

  • Your pretrial detention or sentencing could include a period of jail or probation with conditions that mandate sobriety; completion of a designated addiction program; and suspended jail time to encourage you to comply with potential terms of probation.

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