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Theresa M. Butler and William A. Simmons have been serving Maryland and Washington, D.C. in criminal, juvenile, traffic, auto accidents, wills, estates and divorce matters for over 30 years.

Criminal defense attorney, William A. Simmons, brings 30 years of criminal law experience in successfully defending such matters in the local trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia.    

Criminal charges, such as rape or other sex offenses require an experienced and competent attorney to evaluate the State’s allegations, determine if evidence can be suppressed, prepare witnesses, and develop trial tactics. Our attorneys strive to answer questions in clear and understandable terms and by virtue of their experience are able to convey to you the potential exposure to jail, or other risks, such as the sex offender registry or the effect a conviction could have on your immigration status.    You have to be on your guard with police officers, social workers, friends, and family members whenever there is an allegation of a sex offense. A domestic violence hearing can expose you to criminal charges and incarceration. Your divorce or custody proceeding can involve the allegations of a sex crime. Children, regardless of age, are often believed over you.    Do not make statements to such officials without prior consultation with our attorneys to determine what is in your best interest. These public officials have an agenda that does not include protecting you.  

Please consider:

  • Pretrial Release means you will be out of jail until the trial date. Our attorneys can help you at the initial bond hearing or subsequent hearing to convince a judge to consider setting your bond without money up front or a bond with terms more favorable to you. Your bond hearing is often complicated by the presence of a police officer and the victim or the victim’s family who do not want your release.

  • A trial may be the only reasonable solution for you to avoid a serious criminal conviction and be found not guilty or to avoid deportation if not a citizen.

  • Your conviction could require registration as a sexual offender.

  • Your punishment could include a significant amount of jail and probation with conditions that affect your ability to supervise your own children and other minors.

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