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A drug habit can affect your life.  Think of how complicated your life can be with a serious addiction to marijuana, cocaine or any controlled dangerous substance.  Whether representing you as a first-time offender or a drug dealer, William A. Simmons brings 30 years of experience in successfully defending such matters in the local trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Mr. Simmons has the experience to evaluate the State’s allegations, determine if evidence can be suppressed, prepare witnesses, and develop trial tactics for a successful resolution of your case.  Our attorneys will explain the alternatives available other than trial and a criminal record.  A drug paraphernalia conviction has consequences to you such as payment of a fine, court costs,  and a criminal record. Drug crimes, such as possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance, and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, can have more severe consequences that affect your life including but not limited to jail.  After your time is served, you could be deported if not a citizen of the United States.  

Please consider:

  • You could be convicted of a felony, jailed, required to stay sober and drug free, compelled to pay for an expensive drug addiction program, and placed on probation for years with a substantial suspended sentence over your head to insure compliance with probation.

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