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Theresa M. Butler and William A. Simmons have been serving Maryland and Washington, D.C. in criminal, juvenile, traffic, auto accidents, wills, estates and divorce matters for over 30 years.

Defense attorney, William A. Simmons, brings 30 years of criminal law experience in successfully defending such matters in the local trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Whether representing you as a first-time juvenile offender for drugs or robbery or other serious crime, Mr. Simmons has the experience and knowledge to evaluate and vigorously defend your juvenile charges.    

Juvenile delinquencies are not crimes, but can affect the entire family, and often carry unique conditions and indefinite penalties. When facing the consequences of a juvenile charge, it is important for you to retain an experienced attorney. Your juvenile charge can complicate your teenage years.    

Your juvenile charge is not a criminal matter, but a finding of delinquency can result in a criminal record. Your case can not be expunged. but is not available to the public like an adult criminal conviction.    

Juvenile delinquencies, such as battery, drugs, theft, burglary, robbery, arson and in particular sex offenses require an experienced and competent attorney to evaluate the State’s evidence, determine if evidence can be suppressed, prepare witnesses, and develop trial tactics. Serious traffic tickets are resolved in the juvenile system, such as, driving without a license, driving while suspended and driving under the influence. Our attorneys communicate with the parents and minor to answer questions clearly and completely and convey any potential exposure to detention or other efforts to label your child as a particular type of offender, for example, such as a gang member, sex offender or arsonist.

Please consider:

  • Your juvenile sentence could continue until the age of 21, much to the surprise of many juvenile offenders and parents.

  • Our attorneys can assist in persuading a judge to consider favorable terms of release , such as, electronic monitoring, to guarantee that your juvenile remains at home or is in school while under your parental supervision.

  • Your juvenile could be exposed to the adult system, be sentenced as an adult and incarcerated with adults.

  • Your punishment could include a period of indefinite detention at a particular facility or a supervised probation at your home under the supervision of your parents with conditions that mandate your sobriety.

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